Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More York

Here are some more photos from the Eagle Rock/ Highland Park Art Walk.

Above: Rebecca Ripple (sculpture detail) at Kristi Engle Gallery.

Below: All Photos taken at MorYork Gallery.

Artwork by Clare Graham.

A. lot. of. rosaries.

Hairy Eyeballs.

Yardsticks, telephone wire, and soda pop cans...oh, my!

Zillions of pop can tabs.

Above: Installation View of Daniel Brodo's sculpture.


erica said...

yet another reason why i keep hoping we'll find jobs in LA. sunshine and art, not to mention the food.

Elyse said...

How amazing! I'm really loving the rosaries...so cool!

Jennifer said...

we would love to have you out here!

Elyse...Clare's work is amazing. His studio/home where I took the photos is just jam packed with amazing objects. It's like a giant cabinet of curiosities!