Sunday, February 22, 2009

hope springs

Just returned from the desert. One of our retreats: Hope Springs in Desert Hot Springs. A treasure in the desert- and HIGHLY recommended for a getaway from L.A.
You swim, soak in the natural hot springs, eat, rest.
More pictures to follow. I hope you all had a restful weekend.


Leslie said...

those lounge chairs are perfect.
and you have blossoms over there, too!

Ritva said...

lucky you, looks like a perfect treat!

ah-yi said...

it looks like you have a very nice trip!! how was the weather there??? is it hot? it was kind of cold last week here.

also i guess we should get together on 7th or 8th of March......

Jennifer said...

Yes! We have the cherry blossoms too right now. I love your pictures of them on your blog & Flickr.

Yes...I felt very fortunate and lucky to be able to go. :)

The weather was nice in the 70's...warm enough to go swimming- but then the pools are filled with water from the natural hot springs.
...& the 7th,8th sound good! I'll email you!