Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easiest, Most Fun Dress Project Ever!

I look so serious. I had fun! Trust me!

This crazy necklace that I bought from an antique store when I was in high school matches this dress perfectly.

I have cankles and I am sorely in need of a pedicure, but doesn't the shadow from the rosemary bush look pretty?

Whipped this tunic style dress up from Anna Maria's free pattern & tutorial on her website located here.

This cotton dobby voile is so lightweight & silky. A pleasure to work with.
All you need is a very basic knowledge of sewing (I only started sewing a couple of years ago and I am completely self taught- if I can do it, anyone can), a couple yards of the fabric, a sewing machine and some 1/4" elastic & you are set.

I just added a single elastic band under the bust line as opposed to the 3- 4 bands she recommends.
It is nice that the fabric's print is laid out in a grid pattern, making it easier to match up and sew in a straight line.
The positioning of the print on the fabric turned out a little differently than hers in the end, but I still love it! This was my first time working with elastic and it was easy.

My very first garment I made was from an Anna Maria Horner pattern, and I still think she is a genius.
I'm kind of in awe actually that she planned out this particular textile pattern so well (how did she do it??). Her genius partially lies in the fact that a beginner seamstress can make simple, well- fitting garments with her sewing patterns, that feel easy to execute. Her patterns encourage you to keep sewing. Give it a try! You'll see!


Megan Taylor said...

You DO NOT have "cankles" and, yes, the shadow of the rosemary bush is very cool. I like the dress and the pattern, you look so beautiful!

Also, thank you so much for the advice re: my toe. Podiatrist told me it would take 8-12 weeks (!!!!) to heal which came as a real shock. I've been icing, elevating, taking Ibupro, and really staying off of it.

It sure is a lesson in patience! xoxoMeg

Jennifer said...

I cannot believe that a dress that looks this stylish could be so easy to make! I think I could blow the many layers of dust off of my sewing machine and give it a try. You are a great model for your creations, by the way, and by no means have "cankles"!

Jennifer said...

Megan & Jen,
Cankles...Heh. I am very self-conscious about my feet & legs. I do have rather hobbit-esque feet/ Flintstone feet and giant calves...
But thanks for being so sweet.

Jen- you should really try it- it's so easy. It's just 4 strips of fabric sewn together and belted with elastic.

Mae said...

Hey Jen, that's a great dress!

Janis said...

What a great pattern, and it looks so good on you too. I can also see making the same dress shorter and wearing it with pants :^)

Daniel has better ankles than I do. I have thicky ones!

Michelle said...

Damn skippy, that looks hot on you! You always have the best jewelery too. By the way, your profile photo with the yellow blouse, reallllly great, that color looks wonderful with your hair.