Monday, June 4, 2012

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Over the weekend I went to Bea's & Ramsey's beautiful home to photograph Bea while she cooked and to document (and eat...yum!!) the food she prepared. Of course I could not resist taking a few photos of the eye-catching textiles in their home...including the incredible weaving that Beatrice herself made over the course of 3 + years.

Thank you B, R, and A for your hospitality and a wonderful evening!


cheryl said...

Wow, amazing textiles!

Janis said...

Beautiful home (what color!), and wonderful documentation Jennifer. xo

Sara said...

Ohh my goodness, what a gorgeous dream of textiles & color!! These snapshots are just perfect!

lauren said...

love these photos J.
so beautiful
and her wall hanging textile is seriously bonkers! love it.
i wish i could go on vacation in her home ;)


Hayley said...

Amazing weaving & home. Just perfect!

Sierra Keylin said...

DAMN! That is one fine specimen of weaving! The colors and textures are incredible...this entire post makes my eyes happy!

Belinda said...

Such a beautiful home she has! That weaving is breathtaking. What a clever lady.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much! A visit to Bea's home truly is like taking a vacation.

Sierra, yes, happy eyes--that was my goal with this post!

k. wang said...

jeez! there is no spot in bea's home that isn't breathtaking. that weaving is ridiculous, i stared at that photo for a good five minutes trying to figure out all the sections were woven and...and...yeah. amazing, jennifer!