Saturday, June 30, 2012

ERMIE C1 '12 Looks: Zuoz Silk Tank Dress

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Photography: Kate Miss
Textile design © Tomory Dodge + Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011- 2012

ERMIE Silk Tank Dress in the Zuoz Print. 100% Washed Silk Crepe de Chine, slips on, no closures, fully lined in the same silk print. Comes with a detachable matching silk sash. This dress features a print based on the work of painter Tomory Dodge. The pattern is a photograph of a detail of one of Dodge's underpaintings. When the painting was ready to be exhibited in Zuoz, Switzerland, at Monica De Cardenas Gallery, the canvas was almost completely black. Available in either the Light or Dark colorways. Machine wash or hand wash, delicate cycle, cold water. 

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Karina Manarin said...

I think it's cute and fun and also beautiful! Loving the colors!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful, Jennifer!

Don't let those comment "stains" set in. Get rid of them now.

Ashley said...

Said this on Kate's blog, but personally I'm LOVING how much LA lady talent is wrapped up in these photos. Pretty incredible. Rock stars, all of you.