Friday, June 29, 2012

ERMIE C1 '12 Looks: Mexico Short Dress, Azul

ERMIE Mexico Dress Azul
ERMIE Mexico Dress Azul
ERMIE Mexico Dress Azul
ERMIE Mexico Dress Azul

Photography: Kate Miss

Textile design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2012
ERMIE Mexico Print Short Dress in Azul. 100% Silk Crepe, slips on, no closures, drawstring waist. Short sleeves- flirty and easy to wear- put it on and go! Unlined,dry clean only. The print featured on this dress was developed from a small segment of embroidery taken from a vintage huipil discovered in Mexico by Joanna Williams of Kneeland Co.

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angela said...

I love these new dresses, hope they are available soon!

Mary H said...

Beautiful colors and print -- love the closeup photo -- wonderful work!

Vanessa Samp said...

ack it's looking so so lovely! the dress is stunning:) all of these are my favorites.

joanna said...

the colors are so great! amazing to see how you interpreted mexico! ; )

Anonymous said...

The dresses are nice but those photos are really not very good. Sorry to say it Jennifer - Kate has done a pretty bad job. They look very amateurish and do not do the collection justice. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I am sure I am not the only one who is thinking this and thought you should know.

Jennifer said...


Angela, they should be up next week! I'll announce the exact date and time here, and on my Instagram ( if it's up & working again) ;)

Hi Anon,
I'm glad you like the collection (thanks) but I disagree with you about the photographs -- I'm very happy with the job Kate did. I love the light, color, compositions. Maybe you could be more specific? Or leave your name? Do I know you? If so, I'd be happy to converse more in private.

StayGoldMaryRose said...

Oh my gosh! Love love love these! X