Wednesday, April 25, 2012



What I have been working on: Indigo dyeing linen & yarn in my backyard for ERMIE SS '12.

Photographs Courtesy of Kneeland Co.

What Joanna has been working on--her stunning new lookbook for her company Kneeland CO.!
Beautifully photographed by Jeana Sohn.

Photo by Jeana Sohn, courtesy of Beatrice Valenzuela.

What Bea has been working on: her lovely new website (featuring a few photographs by me on the "Gallery" page) !

What Ursula has been working on: being featured in a video portrait about her life and work!

Handmade Portraits: Ursula Dean from Etsy on Vimeo.

Such inspiration!


jenny gordy said...

The color of that yarn is just beyond words. It's bananas. ; )

Love that Modaspia video! Inspiring.

natasha said...

wow, i loved that modaspia video! she reminds me of catherine keener. lovely!

lauren said...

so many inspiring women!!
i love it!!!

xo - L

k. wang said...

beautiful, beautiful blue. was that yarn dipped just once or a few times? so dang rich, that color!

Anonymous said...

ha, jennifer! i was reading your blog and nearly choked on my lunch for a second when i saw myself. sweet that you posted this. triple x kiss

Jennifer said... ---trying to remember, I think it was just one dip, for about 20 minutes? The fiber is mostly alpaca--it , and the silk I dyed, picked up the color the fastest. Linen and cotton items took several dips to achieve the right color.

Ursula!! Haha oh no! I loved the video...I have such admiration for you :)

cheryl said...

SUPER excited to get working on that yarn. thanks, love!

Anonymous said...

Love indigo, such a range of beautiful shades it produces. I've only dyed with it once, but this inspires me to find some time to try again. And of course so happy to see Ursula here...:)

Vanessa Samp said...

the yarn... love and love again! so many talented ladies. modaspia video is awesome :)

joanna said...



Alex said...

Re Bea's website, thank you! ;)

Theresa said...

Gorgeous Jennifer!