Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lauren Spencer King


All Artwork: Lauren Spencer King
All photos by Jennifer Parry Dodge

Yesterday I went to the studio of Lauren Spencer King. I stumbled across Lauren's blog a few months ago, without realizing that we had previously met briefly at multiple art openings in town over the years. When I finally made the connection, and we sat down together in real life and shared a meal- it was like meeting an old friend. I love that.

Lauren is a talented artist and designer, and I was excited and honored to be able to poke around in her studio (I seriously lost track of time while I was there chatting and shooting...I could have spent all day there gazing at her work).
It's actually been a big week for Lauren--she was featured on both Design*Sponge and Daily Candy. She certainly deserves the attention--her sculptures are striking, sensitive, beautiful; she is an incredible draftsman--one of the best I've ever seen, and an all around lovely individual.

Congratulations, Lauren, and thank you for your generosity!!

**wink wink** you'll be seeing more of Lauren in about a month or so on this blog ;)


natasha said...

i LOVE her work and i'm fairly obsessed with her blog, too. couldn't imagine a more fertile or creative collaborative duo .... if this is hinting towards future projects together, then i can't wait to see what they are!

cheryl said...

Wow, beautiful work! Excited to see what's brewing.

Jaime Rugh said...

Really interesting work!

Heather Taylor said...

I love her work and blog. Need to do a studio visit~

Jennifer said...

HBT!! I was hoping you'd say that :)

Marginamia said...

So happy to find Lauren and her beautiful work!

lauren said...
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Vanessa Samp said...

love her work! amazing studio full of beautiful things! can't wait to hear more ;-)

lauren said...



i seriously thought my week couldn't get ANY better, and it just did!
times 100! :)

you are SO sweet to post these photos and your lovely words leave me speechless.
this means so much to me because I am inspired by you! and am so grateful we have become friends... and have reconnected.

thank you thank you thank you

Amy said...

Oooo. Beautiful. Exciting.