Monday, February 7, 2011



Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010 - 11

In the past month or so I was tagged by Natasha & Anne- Marie to answer some questions. I won't tag anyone else, but I thought-what the heck? It's been a while since I've done something like this. Could be fun! Thanks ladies for asking me to play!

Response to Natasha's tag:

Five Essentials (my purse & it's contents).
Purse: Clare Vivier Messenger Bag in dark blue. I bought this a little while back before Clare started to include a matching leashed clutch with the purse. So I use my first essential to keep organized-

1. Clare Vivier zip pouch in the nicest distressed, caramel-colored leather. I stick my keys, change, cards in here so I'm not rummaging around in my bag searching for them.
2. Lip Balm (see question 3 below).
3. Dead-stock vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses. Purchased from Hotel de Ville about 4 years ago. It's amazing I haven't lost/ destroyed these yet. I refer to them as my Old-Lady- in- the- Desert- Glasses. I'm ready for retirement with these.
4.Sketchbook- I like to use blank journals from Kinokuniya, and a black pen (Pilot G-2).
5.ERMIE SP 2011 silk scarf in the Avenue 51 Print. (used here as a backdrop) I've been wearing it just about every day since I made it. I hope to have them for sale in the shop with the rest of the SP/ SU collection sometime in May!

Response to Anne- Marie's Tag:

1. Why did you create the blog?
I was working as a nurse in mental health when I initially started the blog. It was meant to serve as a fun, creative exercise/outlet to pursue on my days off.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow? The blogs I follow are pretty eclectic these days but mostly they consist of the blogs of fellow artists & designers & makers.

3. Favorite makeup brand? I don't really wear a lot of make up & I'm not beholden to a particular brand. Most days I use Laura Mercier undereye concealer to hide my persistent dark circles, Nars blush to brighten up my uber-pale skin, and usually a little Rosebud salve/ Burt Bee's lip balm or Fresh Sugar Plum on my perpetually dry lips. Sometimes if I'm going out I'll wear some dark brown Neutrogena eyeliner or mascara. I like to wear red lipstick for evening -currently I'm layering a bright orange- red by Stila (Outrageous) and a blue- red (Dragon Girl) by Nars.

4. Favorite clothing designers? I like to support local & independent designers when I can. There are so many great people out there making beautiful things. Modaspia makes really wonderful, wearable pieces for every day wear. Other designers that I can afford --on sale, that is!! : Lina Rennell, Mociun, Rachel Comey, & Isabel Marant Etoile (although I splurged last spring on a jacket from her primary line). Designers I wish I could afford: Martin Margiela, Zero Maria Cornejo, Tsumori Chisato, Rodarte, Mina Perhonen, Susan Cianciolo. I could go on! This spring I am in love with the entire Prada collection. Missoni is looking really fun, too. Love the colors and 70's influence at Marc Jacobs this spring as well.

5. Your indispensable makeup product(s)? –see above. Plus sunscreen & Weleda Rosemary Hair oil.

6. Your favorite colour? So hard to choose: Turquoise Blue has been a longtime favorite.

7. Your perfume? I like the idea of perfume, but I'm not a big perfume wearer, either! I don't like heavy perfume -it gives me a headache. I used to wear Marc Jacobs perfume (admittedly because of the Jurgen Teller Sofia Coppola ads). Sometimes I'll wear a perfume I picked up in Paris on my honeymoon called Bouquet de Lili. When I travel I'll occasionally use Florence solid perfume by Tocca. I'm really curious about & eager to try DS & Durga's perfumes this spring.

8. Your favorite film ? The Double Life of Veronique. I'm a sucker for big, epic films a la David Lean as well. They don't make them like that anymore.

9. What country would you most like to visit and why? Japan. I think I must have lived there in a former life. I've loved the art, textiles, landscape and food of Japan since I was a young girl.

10. Make the last question and answer to myself: What did you have for dinner last night, and what are you currently reading? For dinner last night, as a tribute to his now-defunct NYT Minimalist column, I made Mark Bittman's Chicken Stir-Fried with Ketchup (served with rice & a green salad- don't judge- it's good!) and I'm reading the current KCRW Bookworm Book Club selection: Anne Beattie- The New Yorker Stories.


miss sophie said...

hello! just discovered your lovely blog and it's funny, i did a post and tagged several other fellow bloggers with the very same thing last month :)

love your clare vivier bag. and i'm kind of excited to bring some bright colors back to combat this dreary winter we've been having. turqoise sounds quite inspiring!

xo miss sophie

Anonymous said...

did you know that i have a culinary crush on mark bittman? i fell in love when i started watching him make his mark on spain in "on the road" with gwyneth paltrow and mario batali. highly recommended and now on netflix!

Jennifer said...

In junior high my best friend was obsessed with looking through my handbag during study hall. I couldn't understand her curiosity back then, but now I do! What a nice little peek into your daily partners, and an interesting questionnaire.

Anonymous said...

i love these peeks into other people's bags. every time i do, i feel horrified about the prospect of other people peeking in my own, because mine is filled with crumpled receipts and my kids' dirty tissues.

oh, and i loved reading that you were a nurse - a glimpse into your other life!

Jennifer said...

Believe me- the crumpled receipts and tissues are there- I just edited!

Galit said...

It's nice peeking into your bag :) and I love your sunglasses!!