Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drape Drape

IMG_5117 2

Above: Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010-11


Still stuck with a cold, trying to get rid of it before I go to NYC next week, in the meantime playing around with ERMIE silk yardage- pictured above (shots 1-4). A loosely titled print - "Cloud Burst" in Dusk.
Not sure yet what collection this print will make it into.

I was inspired by Angelina's post (images 3 & 4) and these books (last 3 photos). Some of the dress patterns look incredibly complex, yet result in simple, elegantly draped garments. Pretty amazing!
I think they would be fun to try. I'd love to incorporate some elements of draping into my work...


Galit said...

Amazing it is! The first photo took my breath away. Such intensive colors of this fabric. Beautiful.
Would love to have one of these drape dresses. Looks so comfortable and yet so stylish.

Hope you feel better soon!!

P.S. Made some changes around the blog. Come have a look when you have the time + feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Jen, I love the ideas you're experimenting with in these photos! This fabric seems destined to be used in a looser, draped garment. I know I'm not meant to be a seamstress; I'm getting a headache just looking at that Japanese pattern!

I hope the nice weather we're supposed to be getting for the rest of this week lasts into your visit next week. and I hope that you're over your cold by then (flying with a cold is misery).

Drop me an email if you'd like to and have time to meet up when you're in town--I'm in Manhattan M-F :) It would be great to connect in person (if that's not too weird and stalkery of me to say).

Anonymous said...

I want to wear picture 2. like, now.
the draping is just perfect and i would be all over that one were you to produce it! SOLD.


Anne-Marie said...

I can't believe you will be in NYC and I'm gone. If you need any restaurant info, let me know! I love the draping in these photos, so curious as to where it will lead you!

modaspia said...

your textiles and style totally lend themselves to draping (in my opinion!). love the piece you draped on the dress form.

Jocy said...