Thursday, February 17, 2011



All Photographs by Tomory Dodge.

Tomory's show opens in NYC one week from today at CRG. We will be there too, so if you are in the area- please stop by & say hello.
The above photos are images he took with his cell phone of his studio after the show was completed & loaded onto the art handling truck for shipping.
I love how low-res these are, and how they look like paintings themselves.


Mae said...

You must post pictures of the show! I would love to see it.

montmarte said...

i thought these were paintings too!
have fun next week.

Jennifer said...

Before I read your description, I thought these were either paintings or had a photoshop filter put onto them. Pretty amazing what our lower-tech gadgets can do too.

Anonymous said...

have an amazing trip and best wishes to tomory!

Ritva said...

all the best :)

Megan Taylor said...

They do look like as art!

modaspia said...

you must be out the door now - send pics from the trip ! safe travels, everything will be lucky to be going to nyc, sounds like a great time.

ashley said...

What? That is so crazy... I totally thought they were paintings!