Monday, November 9, 2009

Some N.Y.C. Photos

Chelsea at night

L train? G train to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn scrap metal yard

On the way to visit Marc and Jessica

Marc & Tomory, in Marc's studio

Inspiration board/wall in Jessica's studio

Autumn in New York

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth there for about a week.
We went to go see the Pixies play in Los Angeles last Wednesday night, stayed out too late, caught a 7am flight to NYC to make it to our friends Tim's art opening & dinner party...whew! Tomory's dinner was Friday, and his opening was Saturday.
I got to briefly meet lovely Natsumi there, made my cold that I got at the beginning of last week worse, but still had a fun time (in a whacked -out on cold-medicine kind of way). More on the trip to follow. How are you?


jane said...

your shots are wonderful! the pixies and new york- does it get any better? besos!

Claire said...

I know summer and winter in NY but not automn... Thank you for this photos...
Great to meet Natsumi!

janis said...

Wow, Pixies in LA!
Hey, I bet NYC inspired you, no? Looks like a full experience - and with a cold, even fuller :)

Welcome back... xo

cheryl cambras said...

Looks like you had a great time. Glad you're back! I'm sending you imaginary chicken soup. I'd make you some, but all the pots are boxed up! Get better soon.

Jennifer said...

The Pixies were amazing. So, so GOOD!
NYC was very inspiring.
Visiting our friend's studios- they live such rich, productive lives.I'll be blogging on their work in the next few days, as well as hanging out with the Accessorator(sp?)Judi Roaman- see my links, and an amazing jewelry artist, as well as a knitwear designer I met.
Now if I could only get over this dang cold!!

*gemmifer* said...

Great photos, Jennifer! So glad you had a great NYC visit. Does the building in the first image house a Dan Flavin installation? The colors of the lights feel like his work.

And you lucky girl! Getting to see the Pixies. 'Doolittle' was one of my favorite albums in college.

Ritva said...