Friday, November 20, 2009

Autumn is in full swing.

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Since the Holiday Season is upon us, I'm announcing my Pre-Black Friday Sale at my shop.

The Tigerlily Dress and the Pink Art Class Smock are ON SALE!

** I'm making a few items for a teeny Holiday Collection- two new tunic/ dresses and cowls in a deep red, and a couple more plum cowls. Stay tuned!


Claire said...

My head's spinning when I watch this beautiful photo!
Good luck for sales jennifer...

janis said...

Your cowls are so cozy Jennifer - and that plum color is a gem...

Happy Thanksgiving week !

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Janis. I'm glad you like it.
I must admit I have appropriated the Mr. Stripey Slouch Cowl for myself! Been wearing it all week!

Thanks, Claire...I'm pretty sure my head was spinning from a combination of cold medicine & (truth be told) vino when I took this in NYC!

janis said...

p.s. I'll be taking my "Jennifer cowl" to the pacific NW this week. (I'll be fffreezing my culo up there - oops, can I say that? :)