Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mieke Willems Pincushions

The saga of the pincushions! I finally received them in mail...after thinking the one on the right was lost in the mail - it was returned to the Mieke Willems gals, and they re-sent the package to me. They are beautiful! They were beautifully wrapped...and Veronik & Mieke even sent me this cute little mouse as well. Thanks ladies!


jenny gordy said...

oh, i was just looking at those online yesterday. i want everything in that shop!

erica said...

so adorable, what a perfect little shop.

trinsch said...

oh, those are renilde's no? i love her embroidery work. lucky you :)

mieke willems said...

ooooh finally! it's nice to have 2 as well no? so happy that all this ended up good, and nice to see you're happy!!

Jennifer said...

Jenny & Erica,
It is the perfect little shop!

Trinsch- Yes... they are Renilde's.
They are so inspiring, I feel very fortunate.

Mieke & Veronik: Yes! It all ended up good :) Thanks again!