Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WIP. Still at it with the Anna Maria Horner "I'll Have One of Everything Bag," (I need some medium weight interfacing...too lazy to buy it right now...anybody have some & want to trade for something?)
Just started on my dress version of Anna Maria's "Smashing Smock."
I'm calling it the "Smashing Shift" and I'm also working with Nani Iro fabric again.

Anna Maria has some great new patterns out.

My friend Amy of Every Little Counts just opened a vintage store on Etsy- some cute (affordable!!) stuff on there...take a look!


Every Little Counts said...

i am excited to see this dress/ smock... love it!!!

and yes, you must tell me more about an imaginary band! perhaps whilst relaxing in mud this weekend :)

Schanett said...

I admire people who sew their own clothes!
I was patching my trousers yesterday but didn't sew anything for a long time.

n a t s u m i said...

This looks really great.. I would love to see finished piece!!

Ritva said...

i do admire you!