Thursday, April 9, 2009

La Tia

Today Tomory and I went to get our marriage license. Conveniently across the street from the county office was La Tia- a very good Mexican restaurant the specializes in mole. I had the Gambas al Cafe (mole) and Tomory had the Quail in Black Mole. Each entree came with a nice vibrant bowl of cream of spinach soup, and we both ordered horchata ( the best ever) to drink. Served with hot, thick, handmade corn tortillas. My rice that came with the shrimp had thin slices of honeydew melon on top- delicious! Our waiter was so sweet and brought us a small bowl filled with hot water and sliced limes to clean our gunky mole hands at the end of the meal. Highly recommended if you are in L.A.
Thank goodness we had such a hearty meal, because then we had to go wait in line for about 2.5 hours to get our marriage license.

La Tia
4619 E. Cesar Chavez Blvd., L.A., (323) 263-7842.


outi said...

wow congratulations! you are getting married soon?
your hearty meal looks very delicious...

Jennifer said...

Very very soon...5/2/09!
The meal was delicious. The food has been very good each time we have visited.

natsumi said...

So, your wedding is in three weeks... very exciting!

Happy Easter! ox

Ritva said...


and happy easter!!

Heather Taylor said...

congrats and this looks DELICIOUS. alex and i will give it a shot. thanks for the tip.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to you both! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Janis said...

Congratulation Jennifer! What an exciting time for you!!! If I was there I'd give you a big hug xoxo... oh, and such a californian thing to do - mexican food before getting your marraige license :)

Cheryl Cambras said...

yay, congratulations! that place looks so yummy! when's the big date?