Friday, April 17, 2009

Adam Silverman and Bob Nickas

Above: Boolean Valley. Photo courtesy of MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Below: Pottery by Adam Silverman. Photos courtesy of Atwater Pottery/Adam Silverman.

A few weeks ago, Tomory and I went to go see Bob Nickas, the art writer and curator read from his new book at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

First. I was dreading it. I'm not typically a fan of art criticism or art writing. I find most of it boring, over- analytical, and it usually has nothing to do with the art itself (maybe it's because I never went to graduate school for art...but I really think most art criticism is BS).

Second. I was so wrong. Bob Nickas. I love him. I love his writing. Tomory purchased a copy of his book "Theft is Vision" - I grabbed it that night and started reading it before Tomory could.

Third. Shamefully, this was our first visit to the Pacific Design center. Upstairs was an exhibit by Adam Silverman (of Atwater Pottery and Heath Ceramics) and Nader Tehrani- "Boolean Valley."
It was really interesting. Obsessive compulsive in a very good way. Difficult to describe. I am not an art critic, or even a very good writer for that matter. You should just go see it!


Janis said...

I wish I could see it!

Daniel will plan things, usually around music, and I'll roll my eyes until I get there - and find out I was all wrong :) Sometimes those boys are good for us!

Jennifer said...

Janis, I agree. A good partner gets you out of your comfort zone now and again. Tomory and I agree on many things, but thankfully, not everything!