Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Solar Magnetogram, courtesy of Mt. Wilson Observatory
KNOWLEDGES at Mount Wilson Observatory is a weekend-long (June 23rd and 24th, 2012) art event taking place on the grounds of a historic 100-year-old observatory located in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles. More than thirty Los Angeles artists are participating with paintings, sculptures, photography, film screenings, music and sound performances, lectures and installations. 

Co-curators Christina Ondrus and Elleni Sclavenitis are requesting support- seeking donations in any amount to keep this event free and open to the public! They are not receiving any institutional or corporate funding for this event, and are doing it all themselves thanks to the generosity of others — the artists, the staff at Mount Wilson, friends, family and community.

Some of my favorite artists are participating in this event including Russell Crotty, Emilie Halpern, and Katie Grinnan. Tomorrow, May 31st, is the last day of their fund drive. Please consider making a donation--thank you! I hope to see you there :)


kay w. said...

i never made it up to mt wilson in the time i was in la, but this sounds awesome! bummed i won't be in la for this.

speaking of, i'm coming around 8/4ish to 8/13, would love to grab some lunch or something with you!

elleni said...

Thanks for posting this! We look forward to seeing you there.

cheryl said...

This looks amazing!