Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ashley Helvey

Above: Images courtesy of Totokaelo

Below: Images courtesy of A. Helvey

Ever since I randomly came across an image of my brother in law on her blog, I've been following Ashley Helvey's work. She makes wonderful felted objects, such as the rug and shimenawa necklaces pictured above. She also just made a series of cast bronze pendants from stones found on the beach, for sale at Totokaelo under the name of Hunter Gatherer(er).

Simple, earthy, lovely!


jane said...

i love everything... glad you are feeling better :)

Jennifer said...

Ashley's work is really great!
I'm still sick, actually, but I figured since I was laying around all day, I might as well do some blog posts!

g/d said...

Isn't she lovely? Someday I hope I can connect with her in Seattle!
These pieces are fantastic, and I didn't know she had this other blog, I just knew about Hunter/Gatherer...thanks for the heads up!