Wednesday, March 6, 2013

hello, stranger...






It's been a while between posts. I photo dump almost daily on Instagram (follow at your own risk at ermiegram), and sometimes on Vine (follow at ermie)...I just updated the old Tumblr this morning. 

I've been processing orders, experimenting with a lot of hand dyeing and painting for the next collection, planning for future ERMIE collections, collaborations, projects (blogs, books, rugs). 

Thank you to those who still check in & comment here! I am thankful, and I have much to share with you. I'll try to be more communicative. Thank you, too for all of the positive response to and your orders from the current collection!
More soon,
with love and appreciation,
xx, JPD


Ursula Dean said...

hello gorgeous :)

Jennifer said...

Hello Beautiful! @Ursula Dean xx

Anonymous said...

The photo of you and the photo of the kitty make me smile! xoxo