Sunday, February 3, 2013

Last Call...

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ErmieCollection2_1 copy place your orders for the Cheryl Cambras Siku, Eva, and Gaea and Aniuk Sweaters. From Now until February 10th!

  Photographs: Kate Miss 

Textile (Print) designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2012
Textile designs (Sweaters) © Cheryl Cambras 2012

Hair and Makeup by Beatrice Valenzuela, Shoes by Beatrice Valenzuela

Location Courtesy of Platform  


Anonymous said...

In love with all of your pieces. That doesn't happen very often! Thanks for putting such awesome clothing out into the world!!

digamealgobueno said...

Jennifer, I am LOVING Ermie, sooo many beautiful images, ideas. Keep em coming!

Maisy said...

love the last chunky knit :) I have just come across your blog and love it. I am hoping to study fashion and textiles at university