Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2012

It got a little warmer, so on with the Raku Print Pencil Skirt & Skinny Strap Tank. (pics 1-3)
Pic 4: Skinny Strap Tank worn with the Raku Print Short Skirt.
Pic 5: Skinny Strap tank worn with a favorite old pair of J.Crew matchsticks that I can finally fit back into!
Images 6-9 Show the lining of the Raku Print Pencil Skirt & Skinny Strap Tank. As I mentioned yesterday, the bodies of these garments are 100% Belgian Linen and they are lined with 100% Washed silk. The Print on on the silk is called Light of California and was so named after this video.

All garments are part of the upcoming ERMIE SS '12 Collection.
I hope you are enjoying these little peeks!


Belinda said...

Love the attention to detail with the lining.

joanna said...


so beautiful - dying over those prints.


jenny gordy said...

Just beautiful! It's so exciting to get to see these ahead of time. The contrasting lining makes them even more special.

Lauren said...

i LOVE the sneak peeks!
you look beautiful and so do the clothes!
so exciting!
ps - love the linings! what a special touch!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i love how you've lined them with special fabric, so nice!

Mary said...

Love these - especially the silks and linens together -- beautiful colors - just wonderful!

Vanessa Samp said...

whaat! each garment is so tenderly sweet. the silk lining is super lovely as well. <3

ashley said...

lookin good!

shayna said...

I sound like a broken record every time you show us your new prints...but I'll do it again. Oh my god. These are stunning!

These prints feel so different from your previous looks but manage to stay so cohesive to your style. I love them and am stunned by the attention to the lining. Something special....

shara said...

The contrasting lining is so pretty; such a good idea. These pieces are looking really special!

Beklina said...

oh, so so pretty!! love the new prints and colors. Is the two color a screen print?

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Jen! Those linings are too gorgeous; sort of a secret pleasure for the wearer.

handmade romance said...

beautiful inside and out!

ilana kohn said...

already fantasizing about all the adventures i could have in that skirt... :)

jennifer said...

Wow Jennifer! LOVE!