Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ermie, 1942

1942Ermie 1

My cousin Mickey (thanks Mickey!!) sent me this scan of a drawing of my Great Aunt Ermie, drawn in 1942 by (from what he could tell written on the drawing) a Frances Schoonover Kiburg.

I couldn't find anyone with that name via a quick Google search, but I did find a
Frances E.Schoonover. Born in December of 1885 in Iowa, who married a man by the name Burt Kiburz.
Has to be the same person! I wonder how my Great Aunt and Frances knew each other? Were they neighbors? Friends? I wish I knew more...

On a completely different note--I received some more samples back. I'll try my best to post some more sneak peeks this week, and get some new sale items up on the Sale page!! I have a ton of meetings this week, taxes I'm trying to finish up, and several projects I'm working trying to prepare for a couple of upcoming trips! AaaH.
All good, but why do the days have to pass so quickly?


jenny gordy said...

What a cool drawing! And mysterious.

Ugh, tax season. So much work. I am in the middle of it too.

Belinda said...

How lovely! It's a great little sketch.

Jaime Rugh said...

gorgeous- and so so strange- she looks soo much like a pic of my grandmother- down to the same shirt :) i'll have to forward it along:)

jennifer said...

So cool! I love a good mystery...

. said...

so beautiful!
such a lovely thing to have.
it is kind of fun playing detective, and putting the pieces together.