Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giving, receiving, making.

I was lucky enough to receive preserves from my friend Janis in the mail. She sent me apricot & strawberry jam. Sadly, the strawberry did not survive the USPS. The jar shattered in the mail. For a second, though, because it still looked so luscious and delicious- I still considered eating some (I didn't). The apricot did survive, and it is so good. I was also tickled to find Janis' lovely drawings illustrating the tops of the canning jars, and a teeny little watercolor with a little note in the package. Thank- you Janis!!!

I am making clothing for friends right now. Most of my girlfriends that live in L.A. are Leo's like me...we all have birthdays around the same time, and I plan to give them handmade clothing (by me) this year. Here are some shots of the fabrics I am using to create their gifts, and some pictures of a dress in progress that I am making for one of them!

I also wanted to thank all of you for commenting on my 200th post. I wish I could have given you all prizes! It was fascinating to hear about what you are creating.


janis said...

Eeek! That's a big jar of jam :)

You are the sweetest, and if you lived closer you would get MUCH too much jam from me! xoxo

I love the fabrics you chose for your projects and I can't wait to see the dresses finished ... Go Jennifer!

trinsch said...

oh, all these photos! so beautiful, so lovely. sorry about the broken jar, but at least you have the drawings, something sweet for the eye!

the dress looks like it's going to be the coolest. ever. can't wait to see more.

erica said...

that heather ross fabric is so cheery! and the jam, oh the jam. such sweet labels.

i wish i were making things aside from this damnable dissertation!