Sunday, July 26, 2009


Above : J.Crew Fall 09-10

Below: A.P.C. Autumn

I love fall. I love fall clothes.
But a funny thing is happening to me this year. I'm still excited to see what is coming out for fall ...but what I have seen so far is leaving me a bit disappointed. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm making my own clothing right now, and I'm focused on that.

The new A.P.C. stuff, and J.Crew catalog came out.
I'm beginning to realize what a huge factor the styling of clothing is in what I want to buy. J. Crew is really, really good at this. As is A.P.C.

With J.Crew I was uninterested in all of the pastels (Pastels??? For fall?!?) I was seeing-until I saw the styling in the catalog photos. When combined with the richer, more traditional colors for fall...the clothing just popped!

A.P.C. styling is always cool. The clothes are very, very, simple- this usually true with J.Crew, too.

So these are some of the things that I like. Like, but not love. Except for maybe that orange skirt, and that blue coat, and that black Sgt. Pepper's Jacket, and... ;)


n a t s u m i said...

I love J.Crew but its too bad... the size is too big for me even xs... especially, dress and skirt. I wish I were tall..

Have a great Sunday afternoon! ox

jenny gordy said...

i love the j.crew purple scarf and the blue jacket. that blue is perfect. j.crew does style their outfits to perfection. it makes me want to buy stuff that i would never even look at twice. even the models' hair and makeup is a part of it. it's really well thought out.

i love that a.p.c. cardigan, but the a.p.c. fall stuff left me totally bored. i'll be honest, even the styling was kind of eh to me. socks with sandals again? try something new. i feel bad saying that because as with all simple clothing, i'm sure the same could be said about the stuff i make.

janis said...

I know what you mean about styling, I am such a sucker for when it's done to perfection. A Vogue spread with a great theme, good colors, and the right lighting could inspire me to wear a chicken on my head ... humanely of course ;)

Jennifer said...

Natsumi: You are a teeny lady! It must be hard to find clothing that you like sometimes.

Jenny: Yeah, most of new A.P.C. stuff was pretty dull. I kept thinking of one of your old posts- A.P.C. style for less.
That cardigan/ jacket is such a Kurt Cobain cardigan. That's why I love it.
I wonder if you can find cardigans like that in thrift stores anymore.
Your clothes are simple, but never dull. Plus they are handmade- which adds a whole other dimension to your work!

Janis: Yes, of course, humanely ;)

trinsch said...

i like your picks. but it is sooo hard for me to look at warm and wooly clothes when it's so darn hot. the heat and humidity is beyond believe these days in the middle east :)

i am looking so much forward to see your clothes line for the fall :) so exciting :)

erica said...

jcrew styling is great, but their stuff rarely fits me well. the pastels really do work in the catalog, i think you're right about how the colors pop.

i'm with jenny on apc. for some reason i'm finding less and less to love there. a few years ago, i wanted to buy the entire collection. and now?

part of the problem is that i've culled my closet to the point that i'm pretty content. except for handmade pieces by jenny, lisa, et al., i'm just not interested in shopping.

Jennifer said...

I guess I'm lucky (my wallet- not so much) that J.Crew fits me really well. Especially their shoes. I never have to break them in- they are comfortable from the get-go.
I have to purge my closet. There are a lot of things I don't wear in there any more.
A.P.C. I understand- there are a few pieces each season that still stand out for me. I loved all of their Liberty stuff this spring.
Last fall I coveted that rabbit fur coat (but I couldn't justify the price tag, or wearing fur for that matter).
I would be perfectly content to populate my closet with Jenny's & Lisa's stuff well as the things I have been making.
...with maybe a little Mociun thrown in for good measure!