Thursday, September 12, 2013

French Woad/ Bleu De Lectoure

One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling within a foreign country, is exploring it's local crafts. In France, outside of Toulouse, we had the opportunity to visit Bleu De Lectoure, a workshop that uses woad (the plants pictured in image #2, above) to produce textiles and other goods. 

Woad was a huge industry in this area, long ago, before indigo was introduced from the far east. Now, only a handful of workshops and artisans use woad, but like indigo and other natural dyes, appreciation of and applications for this art form is growing. 


lauren said...

love this!

Cheryl Cambras said...

Wow, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. <3

Vanessa Samp said...

these images have impressed upon me:) stunning and delicate.
xo v