Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ERMIE Collection 2, 2013 Peeks

Shoes: The Palatines x Weltenbuerger

ERMIE Evaporation Print Dress

Pieces from ERMIE Collection 2, 2013

Yani in a Knit by Cheryl Cambras

Bea testing colors.

Yani in the ERMIE Hand Dyed Festival Dress

Yani wears the ERMIE Hand Dyed Caftan

Textile Designs (Prints) © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2013

From yesterday: a few snapshots I took during the ERMIE Collection 2, 2013 shoot (that means new work- clothing, jewelry, home goods- coming to the SHOP soon).

I worked with some of my wonderful collaborators from past shoots, and a new model-- actress Ayanna Berkshire. Jessica Taft Langdon, and Bryan Sanderson of The Palatines and Weltenbuerger, respectively, were kind enough to loan me some of their beautiful shoes they recently collaborated on together. 

(click on images for a more details)

More behind the scenes photos from the shoot on my Instagram, follow me there for the latest ERMIE news!



db said...

Holy Balls this shoot turned out amazing Jen!!

lauren said...

can't wait to see more!

love the new model! she is a beauty! radiant!

and love those shoes! will be adding those to my wish list

and that knit sweater

as always your textiles are dreamy!


Mary H said...

So beautiful -- I can't get over the blue of the backdrop -- is that your own fabric?

Jennifer said...

Thanks guys!! Yes, Ayanna is delightful :) I was so fortunate she agreed to model. I can't wait to share the final photos with everyone, and for the collection go live.


Yes, Mary, that is my own textile! Some thick cotton gauze that I dipped multiple times in indigo.

Jocy said...

Gorgeous, Jennifer! Your new model is radiant. I feel like I met her when I was in Portland years ago.