Friday, December 14, 2012


It was our last day in Japan. It was chilly, raining. Perfect weather for taking a stroll in the woods... grey skies set off Autumn colors so well. 
We arrived at our destination- the Kanaz Forest of Creation in Fukui City in western Japan.
The Forest of Creation is a sculpture park, with winding paths, wooded areas, ponds and streams. The trees and their colors did not disappoint! 
 The grounds of the Forest house a small museum that exhibits contemporary art. Classes are also offered, including indigo dyeing, weaving, glass blowing and ceramics. 
There are artists in residence at the Forest, and we had the good fortune and pleasure to meet one of them, Katsuhiko Matsui, a ceramicist who specializes in Echizen Ware
Above are some photographs of Matsui-san's wood fired kiln as well as his work in his beautiful studio. It was far too tempting not to bring home some of his pottery. We purchased a few small cups and plates...which we are now enjoying immensely back at home in L.A. The perfect souvenirs to remind us of our travels in Japan.

More images of our visit to Katsuhiko Matsui's studio and the Kanaz Forest of Creation may be seen on my Instagram.

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sugar nebraska said...

This is amazing! I love his kiln. I worked with a potter in upstate NY and he had built his own kiln that looked a lot like this. Pure magic.