Sunday, September 30, 2012

sun/ moon


all textiles pictured here: © TomoryDodge 2012

Yesterday, Tomory and I had an enjoyable, hot, sunny afternoon spent outdoors dyeing various pieces of fabric (wool, sliks, cottons) with Setacolor dyes. We've been wanting to do this for a while, and we'll see where it leads. Many more pictures of our fun from this experimental dyeing session are on my on my Instagram. 

I may, may do a tutorial on this, although it barely requires one (see link)...they are very easy to use! 

I hope to plan a day in the very near future for both my young and old friends, inviting them all over for a day of crafting & dyeing, with a BBQ afterwards, and documenting it for y'all. But! If it doesn't happen, please don't be upset...I have about 5 other projects going on right now, and I'm only one person :) (I am the ERMIE "team").

Last night, of course, was a full Harvest Moon. Amazing. Dreams of meteor showers, apocalyptic alien invasions (recurring) and no doubt the light of the moon itself woke me at about 4 am. Put some slippers and a sweater on, walked outside & took some snapshots. I encountered a humongous, beautiful, moth on our front porch, took some pictures of it, went back inside, and went back to sleep. 


lauren said...

love this post!
it is about so many things i love: backyard craft projects, painting, rainbows, dreams, full moons, moths!!!! love it all!
look up what moths mean - you will love it! they are a totem animal for me for sure! no surprise that you were crafting and then woke up on the full moon and saw one.

happy day after the harvest moon

Jocy said...

Beautiful images, as always. It was a beautiful full moon in Bangkok, as well.

k. wang said...

oh man! a bbq craft/project day would be so amazing, especially set in that beautiful back (and front?) yard of yours. someday maybe, when that happens, i'll be in town. now that would be some kind of magical.

Cheryl Cambras said...


Jade said...

loved this post, especially the last paragraph.

samptos 2000 said...

Yess! love love love.