Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Some shots of around the studio...a new studio outside of my home!! I'm sharing it with a friend. I've also made a new friend, Ola, (last photo). I'm still in the process of moving in...but I couldn't be more excited.

The next collection is taking shape, I'm turning 39 in a few days, & working, working, working...but taking a break this week. I'll be away for the next few days & not really accessible via email or phone; please note that all orders received on 8/6 will ship out 8/10 at the earliest. (Thanks!)
More to come...
 - JPD


popcorn plays said...

looks like a beautiful space. congrats!!!!

k. wang said...

woo! congrats on the new studio! looking forward to seeing snaps here and there in days/weeks/months to come. also, can't wait to (hopefully) see you next week! :)

jenny gordy said...

Happy birthday! And congrats on the new studio.

Cheryl Cambras said...

So exciting about the studio and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday jennifer. i love the scarf. the print is stunning in those colors, blue and burnt orange. magic combination. thanks for the yardage too, very sweet of you.
ursula xoxoxo

Adelaide said...

The picture of the spider web is perfect.