Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hawaii: Food


The food was wonderful in Hawaii: fresh, organic, local fruit and fish- we gorged ourselves on it. You haven't really tasted bananas, mangoes, or ahi tuna until you've eaten them off of a tree or fresh out of the ocean (as it were). We drank local beer (my fave was a coconut stout that tasted and smelled of chocolate), prosecco, and wine--all of which were very good.

My favorite food experience though, had to be the roadside restaurants. Not exactly legal set- ups as they all shut down when the health inspector is about, it was nice to have Tomory's aunt & uncle who are local foodies, steer us in the right direction. I ate some of the best Thai food in my life at one of these little stands, and some excellent "tacos."

Living in L.A. I eat a lot of Mexican food. I love the taco trucks in our neighborhood--so cheap and delicious! So, I was a bit skeptical of these island tacos.
But: they were vary tasty! Again--not the taco I was accustomed to back on the mainland--but one made with a spelt tortilla, black beans, cheddar, and a choice of shredded or ground local beef, or vegetarian. All of the sauces were made from scratch, with a nice kick to them. Garnishes included cabbage from the cook's garden, and mung bean sprouts. Healthy and satisfying...and you could not beat the scenery!
You can see images of more roadside food experiences (coconut chocolate macadamia nut vegan ice cream!) on my Instagram @ermiegram.

Unrelated: ** I was able to finally snap some pictures of sale items today. I should have them up in the next few days!
*** Go, Renee!
****Go, Michelle!!


ronitphoto said...

I love that coconut porter too! We've been able to find it here in Portland, but the drinking experience is not quite the same. We also ate at roadside stands (on the Big Island's rural South Kona coast) and thought the food was so yummy - I'm craving some poke right now! Loving these glimpses of Hawaii...

modaspia said...

oh you're killing me! i LOVE the taco stands. FISH tacos and those lovely dressings.

ashley said...

god i miss mexican food. seriously, there is no good mexican food here jennifer... unless you know of some secret place i don't