Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corner View: Street Photography

Sorry for my tardiness and/ or absence lately with the Corner View!

I thought my present job would allow me more time and energy, but I was sadly incorrect.
However, that subject is a post for another day!

These photographs are all street views. From top to bottom:

Paris, May 2009. A street cafe. Photo by T.D.

"The Tree" Little Tokyo, Los Angeles (On the street, near MOCA)

Downtown Los Angeles, on the street at night.

Chung King Road. One of my favorite "streets" in LA.

Tomory & I on the street in front of our house (photo by my mom, May 2009).


Theresa said...

Love seeing Chinatown

Daan said...

love the difference in your streets!

janis said...

Nice photos... especially the one of you and Mr. T.
Hope your time clears up - always a bit of a problem here as well - I am wishing you well... xo

la ninja said...

I was probably later than you but hey, who cares, you're here, aren't you?

loving that top you're wearing on the last pic (superficial or what? who is it by?) and... THE TREE just killed me. I reckon I'm going to label all my plants in such a manner, particularly my little olive tree on the balcony ;)

Jennifer said...

Theresa, Daan, Janis...thank-you...wishing you all well.

You too la ninja! The top is by Raasta. I bought it last spring from Beklina. Not superficial at all- you have a good eye ;)
The Tree. I know. I had never seen plant graffiti until I move to L.A!
People like to carve their names in cactus paddles, too. So strange!

Heather Taylor said...

such a cute pic of you two! love it!