Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today was also a good mail day. I received a package from Leslie Good. Beautiful Japanese linen and corduroy...with some goodies thrown in (thanks Leslie !).

And some Harwood Steiger vintage fabric from Ebay. Harwood Steiger hand screen printed fabrics out of his Tubac, AZ studio- unfortunately now closed. Someone needs to write a book about this man! I plan to post more about him as well as images of some of his textile designs.

Detail of Harwood Steiger's "Cactus" fabric.


ah-yi said...

hey jen,
just want to let you know that i've just stopped by and read the blog,..this is cool! i feel that i know you more now!

Leslie said...

your blog. i am liking it. and i am so happy you decided to take the plunge.